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Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'What's in it for me?' - Brian Tracy

Get to know Leonard 'FX Sniper' Williams Jr

(Professional Foreign Exchange Trader)


Honest - Dependable - Integrity - Professional - and just straight out "REAL"

Starting with 0 knowledge or experience in Forex Trading ever, I’ve come a long way since starting out my Investing and Trading in the Foreign Exchange career with continuous learning & improving everyday, and I'm grateful to have managed to become a respected Forex Pro-Trader with proven foreign exchange knowledge and trading skills that has allowed me to trade for consistent profits at will with just about 5yrs of experience. 

With an MBA in Finance from the University of Redlands Southern California and over 28yrs of Corporate Management background experiences with top Fortune 100 Companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, the Clorox Company, and Mars Company, I hold myself to the highest ethical standards of professionalism with everything I do. A focused vision, hard work ethics, personal discipline and commitment to success allowed me to embrace the challenges faced in today business world as an Entrepreneur, Investor, and FX Trader.

​Now a Full-Time Professional FX TraderI apply proven trading method & strategies in technical, fundamental, and sentimental analysis with basic price action, technological advance tools, applications, and resources that I have gained over the years from 2 great mentors to create my best & simple trading techniques and algorithm system for my clients, coaching students, and members. From start to finish, I always strive to succeed by working together honestly and respectfully to help my students and clients gain more confidence, more wins, more PIPs, and more profits, "One PIP at a Time."

I truly believe trading the market is an incredible skill that can easily be learned to mastery and create the fastest way to supplementing your income, replace your income, and/or build generational wealth. This skill, once learned, can never been taken away and can only be improve with the right mentorship, connecting with the right community or group, and continuous learning. Trading the market successfully, can truly impact yours, your family & love ones, and other people's lives arounds you who may be blessed with your relationship. 

My teaching style, approach, and lessons are straight forward, in-depth beyond the typical Guru's limited teaching, and non-abusive in a safe learning environment where the student can move at their own pace, and never feels there could be dumb questions no matter how many times they repeat the same questions over and over again (I did it in the beginning). If you are willing to be patient with yourself, invest a small amount of time, commitment to yourself until complete without giving up, honest work and effort to truly learn how to trade the foreign exchange market, then we are a perfect match to work together to  GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS!



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