Built By A Pro Trader For The Manual Trader Who Wants A Competitive Advantage and Edge. 

-Forex, Metal, Commodities, Indices, Crypto and Stocks-

EZ Triple Dots Core

Have you ever got into a entry position that turned out to go immediately against you or went immediately into a huge drawdown because the trend continued to go against your position thinking that it was the right time to get into the trade? 

Well, no more surprises with this trading system. You will now have an EZ and Simple to read system with clear Red/Green Colors that you can follow with Reversal Arrows when the trend is either Reversing, Pulling Back, or Continuing. Knowing when to enter and get out of a trade with minimal drawdown or losses is the #1 challenge most traders have when taking a position. NO MORE guessing or Fear of what's happening on the Charts. 

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Confirmation Arrows to Give You Aggressive or Conservative Entries & Exits

Ready, Set, Go! Get EZ confirmation arrows to confirm the Triple Dot Signals if the Reversal, Pullback, or Continuation Dot Signal is confirmed. Simply be patient, wait for the directional arrow confirmation, and then pull the trigger like a Sniper in the Market!

More Than Heiken Ashi...Think "Heiken Ashi Candlestick on Steroids"

This Dynamic Average Candlesticks Bars takes a mathematical formula of price data to paint the colors of the candlestick to give you more precise formation of price than Heiken Ashi.  Therefore, they are more than just changing Colors with the Trend as an extra confirmation, but also let's you know the strength of the trend or when price is indecisive to get ready to exit a position or enter a position. It makes reading Candlestick patterns EZ to read, quicker, and less stressful to make a split second decision if scalping! 

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More Confluences to Remove 2nd Guessing Yourself and Trade Without Emotions!

No more 2nd Guessing your entries or exits, or trend direction with more confluences than your heart content. Be more confidence in your trading with the highest probability to help you trade more mechanically and without emotions....the deadliest sin that plagues all traders.  

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All The Tools You Need In One Simple Product To Be A Confidence Trader in the Market. 

It doesn't matter what market you choose....Forex, Metal, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, and Stocks/Equities, this Price Action Based Algorithm Trading System will make you feel like you can basically predict the market before it actually occurs and EZ'aly take advantage of what Price Action is telling you on the charts. 

This System Does All Of The Price Action Hard Work For You, Saving You Time and Effort So That You Can Focus On The Most Important Things

What you see in this video is live action in the market with this trading system. You'll see the triple dots, key support and resistance zones, pivots levels, trend channels, and dynamic candlesticks all plot on the charts for you in real time to giving you an edge of what's going on in the charts. This works on all Time Frames and All Markets, Forex, Metal, Indices, Crypto, and Stocks!!


More Videos of EZ Triple DotsFX in Live Action.


Here's What Others Are Saying with Real Viable Results...

"I just took this Hybird Trading System on a "Real" $60 Account and more than doubled my account just scalping on the 5min & 15min time frame within just a few weeks I was able to trade with it due to my busy business and work schedule. This will really change the game and if you're brand new to trading or even for advance people who's been trading for awhile, this will literally help you a lot and save you time. This system is unlike anything I've seen out there in the market. This system is the Real Deal." - Chid

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Jonny Mack - USA

"The E-Z Triple Dot System is very easy to use. What I love about this system... is the entry and exit points. The rules Leonard has composed, gives you up to 7 confirmations, to enter a very safe trade! The E-Z Triple Dot system, is by far much more superior than any other system I have used in the past. You would expect to spend thousands for this product. But, NO! It’s a very small investment, compared to so called “Gurus” out there. I’m so happy I came across Leonard. If it wasn’t for Leonard, I would still be following the Herd. Now, I am the 10% of the successful traders, reaping the rewards! Thanks so much Leonard!! " - Jonny Mack.

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Ernest Hamilton - Canada

" Before EZ TRIPPLE DOTSFX SYSTEM I was trading Blind. I would enter trades Hoping and Praying that my analysis was right! Now I Enter The Highest Quality Trades with confidence knowing I have the HIGHEST PROBABILITY OF WINNING !!!! Like I did on US30 with aTRIPPLE TRADE totalling 600 dollars PROFIT using The EZ TRIPPLE DOTFX SYSTEM!!! - Ernest

EZ Triple Dots System

$299 USD (One-Time)

Top features

  • Triple Dots Indicator System (Core System features)
  • 12 MT4 Bonus Custom Indicator Package (pip counter, vertical zero line, volatility meter, etc)
  • Over 8+hrs of Video Training Series (Installation, Set up, and Master Strategies and Techniques to get you results)
  • 16pg PDF Instructional Manual.
  • 25% Affiliate Program offer for FREE (earn 25% referral commission for every sale)
  • Live Trading Room Invite once a week with the Trainer (email invite sent to your email)
  • Exclusive invite and access to our FX Prosperity Community to receive updates, see, and share activities with other coaching students and members. 

All the Tools and Top Features That Comes With This Package To Get You On The Charts Sooner Rather Than Later. 

Along with the Triple Dots Trading System, you'll get access to a training video series that will walk you through the download, installations, set up, and more importantly, master strategies and tips using multiple time frame to catch pips. As a bonus, you'll be invited to come to our Live Trading Room once a week FREE with our core Coaching Students to trade live to earn while you learn.